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The Antares Drive distribution centre has closed their doors permanently. We are relocating to Fitness Depot (499 Industrial) on December 3. 

We are now operating with an "honour system" which will allow you to pick up anytime Fitness Depot is open without us having to raise prices to hire staff. 

The process is simple, you just place your order online and then are able to immediately pick up the items you purchased by grabbing the corresponding product code(s). 

Please be advised, Fitness Depot monitored by camera and staffed (not trained for our products), however we are trusting that each customer only collects the items they purchased otherwise it will affect the shop inventory/future orders. 

If you place an order and attempt pick up and are unable to locate your item(s) please email me right away and I will process a refund. This will be a learning curve and I truly hope this system works and I will not have to refund anyone.